We have several extra-curricular activities available for our consumers. These include but are not limited to computer development, music, art, dance, and community integration. More information is available by visiting the sub-menu above. These activities take place when scheduled and as our individuals desire.

We are also establishing The Friends for Life Learning Center. The Friends for Life Learning Center is the result of intensive research on how an adult day service program can help individuals with developmental disabilities expand their skills by exploring different learning areas. The Learning Center is a stepping stone for a brighter future for these individuals. While attending the Friends for Life Rehabilitation Services program, our clients will be assessed to determine their level. After assessments, each client will be assigned to the specific activity that aligns with his/her level. This will help in keeping the progress in a steady pace. After each level is complete, the client will move up to the level after it. The activities will be designed to meet our clients’ interests and goals.

The Friends for Life Learning Center will offer six activities. These activities will include different levels of intensity within them based on each client’s assessment results. The activities are:

  1. Reading Club
  2. Writing Club
  3. Arts Club
  4. Math Club
  5. Job Search Club
  6. Life Club