Community Integration

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It is important to maintain a connection between our consumers and the community. We will be exploring what our community has to offer with our consumers. This includes attending events, social gatherings, and any event that our consumers might be interested in. We will follow certain guidelines in order to ensure our consumers’ safety while engaged in the community.

We will also be exploring volunteerism with our consumers by attending volunteering sites to expose our consumers to community engagement. Other community exploration areas will be dining out, bowling, shopping trips, and field trips to different sites in the city.

We go on bi-monthly field trips and dining out excursions. We also welcome guests from our community to speak, perform, or engage with our consumers in some of daily tasks.

We value volunteering and how it helps our consumers with developing their social skills. We currently go to volunteer in three sites every week.

Tuesdays: Habitat for Humanity where are consumers participate in cleaning, sorting, and stocking of donated items for home rehabs.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: MedWish which is an organization that sends medical supplies to those in need in different countries.

Fridays: Cleveland Food Pantry which helps in providing food for those in need in the city of Cleveland.