Performing and Visual Arts

clip-art-painting-429989 wasat_theatre_masks_clip_art


There is no better way to express an inner self than doing it through art. We understand the importance of exposing our consumers to the different kinds of arts, and how it will help them explore their own talents.

We will be introducing our consumers to performing arts through reading, watching, and analyzing plays or movies. We will also explore theater production by acting out small skits, and work on bigger productions when ready. We will work on designing sets, costumes, and understand how lighting, and staging works.

We will also introduce our consumers to visual arts in its different areas. We will help our consumers work on painting, sculpturing, designing, and other areas they wish to explore.

Our ultimate goal is to help our consumers produce art that they can eventually showcase their artistic designs to their parents, guardians, support administrators, and the community.