Community Opportunities

Employment is something very important for individuals with developmental disabilities. Not only it gives them a monetary reward and provides financial stability, it also enriches their ability to rely on themselves. It has become an Ohio initiative to engage individuals with developmental disabilities with the workforce, and we at Friends for Life are working towards reaching that goal.


What is Employment? This is a question we will answer by doing training sessions on different phases of employment. We will discuss the application, interviewing, and hiring processes.


How to get employed? This is a question we will be answering by doing extensive skill building sessions. These sessions will be task specific and related specifically to the area of interest of a consumer. We will work on topics such as handling cash, waiting on a table, cleaning, office and secretarial work.


We will be searching for several job opportunities around our center and in the community for our consumers. We believe that it’s our duty to help our consumers find jobs and succeed at them.


Several on-site and off-site opportunities will be available through enclaves and other resources. This gives consumers the chance to earn money despite the fact that we are not a sheltered work program.